Cholesterol Management

What is Cholesterol Management

Cholesterol management is simply maintaining the correct ratio of differing cholesterol types. Low-density lipoprotein (LDL) is more commonly known as bad cholesterol, but it is an essential fat needed by the body. The problem is that too much LDL can build up in the inner wall of arteries (atherosclerosis), narrowing them and making them less flexible. In extreme cases this can lead to a clot. The other controllable cholesterol is high-density lipoprotein (HDL), “good” cholesterol which collects fats and carries them back to the liver. It is considered good because it doesn’t leave deposits in the walls of the arteries. Higher concentrations of HDL have been linked with lower rates of atherosclerosis, so it is important to maintain a healthy balance.

Buying cholesterol managing supplements

Here at Evergreen Healthfoods we have numerous natural supplements which can helpsupport cholesterol levels. You can choose from the likes of omega oils, garlic, plant sterols and red yeast rice, all of which have may help to reduce levels of LDL, removing a source of stress on the heart. Many of these supplements also contain additional ingredients which support heart health, so take a closer look at the product page to find the items which suits your needs the best.
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