Other Foods

Here in the other foods section we have an assortment of items which may not quite fit into our other pre-existing categories. We stock a whole range of cooking products related to Japanese cuisine, from tempura batter and nori sushi wraps to wasabi and miso. There are also a number of baking ingredients in this section, like binding agents, spices and flours for your baked goods. There are a large range of Irish natural seaweeds, both whole and diced, the latter of which can be sprinkled on a meal for a boost in some less common minerals like iodine. There are a number of superfood supplements in this category too, which like the seaweed sprinkles can be added to an existing meal, like cereal or a salad, for a boost in the nutritional benefits, and provides a long lasting source of energy for the day to keep you going for longer. For more flavours, we have a number of purees, spreads and halvas, which can be used in anything from cereals and fruit to cakes and bread.
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