Why buy water from Evergreen?

Here at Evergreen Healthfoods we only stock the cleanest bottled waters and the best water filtration systems. For bottled water there are none more clean than distilled waters. Distilled water removes all impurities which means there is no chlorine, fluoride, sodium or salts. Distilled water has many uses beyond just drinking. Distilled water is a noticeable improvement on tap water when preparing tea or coffee, allowing more of the taste to come through.

What can I buy here?

In this category we have a number of water filtration systems which are built into water bottles, so you can have access to clean, filtered water wherever it is you go. These bottles come in a range of sizes and colours, and have replaceable filters so you can keep them for longer. We also sell distilled water which is the purest you can get. It contains no impurities so it is great for drinks like tea or coffee where the strong taste of tap water can lessen the taste.
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