Sauces, Spices & Salt

Why buy sauces, spices and salt from Evergreen?

Here at Evergreen healthfoods we have a large selection of sauces, spices and salts, which can be incorporated into all manner of meals for a delicious and healthy new taste. There are all kinds of sauces which come in both natural and organic kinds, as well as plenty of gluten free sauces and more for your special dietary needs. You can make use of the filters below to find the right items for your dietary needs.

What sauces, spices and salts do we stock?

We have a varied selection of sauces to hopefully suit the needs of all buyers. Our range stretches from tomato and basil pasta sauces to more exotic flavours like Moroccan tagine. There are also numerous ingredients for Japanese cuisine like miso, wasabi and nori wraps. For spices we have a large selection of own brand spices like turmeric, cayenne and cinnamon, as well as some prepared spice mixes from the likes of Al’Fez. For salt we have a number of natural salts, including the famous Himalayan pink rock salt.
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