Seavite, the original Irish seaweed-based skincare range was created by Marine Scientist Patrick Mulrooney in the 1990’s. In 2015, the multi award winning range was taken over by Patricks daughters Jane and Katherine, both of whom are medical doctors with Masters in Clinical Dermatology. The Seavite SUPER NUTRIENT range contains organic seaweed extracts in all face, hair and body products. The extracts are derived from the purest and most potent seaweed plants, marine extracts and botanicals that have been shown to have powerful skin soothing and calming effects. Seaweed derived and powerhouse ingredient FUCOIDAN extract has been added to the face products. The products are suitable for all skin types but are particularly loved by anyone with skin concerns such as sensitive, hyper reactive skin, eczema, rosacea, psoriasis and adult onset acne due to their natural properties. All products are vegan, and free from silicone, paraben, lanolin and octocrylene.
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