Big Oz

Big Oz specialise in processing grains using traditional puffing, flaking and coating systems. These traditional systems produce pure grain cereals that contain no added salt, sugar, artificial colour or flavour. They are also GM free, naturally cholesterol and sodium free and low in saturated fat content. The cereals are ideal for people with a range of special dietary requirements, including people with intolerance to gluten, sugar, additives and yeast. Their products are 100% natural and there are a range of different cereals available. From Porridge, to Rice Puffs and more, there is a classic breakfast cereal option (minus the gluten) to suit all tastes. All of the organic cereals produced by Big Oz carry Organic Soil Association approval. Biz Oz are a family run company in the UK who work with some of the best experts in the field of cereal growing. We recognise the growing demand for high quality, delicious tasting gluten free products and we feel that the Big Oz range fits that description.
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