Atlantic Aromatics

Atlantics Aromatics products are a range of high quality organic essential oils that includes massage and body oils. Atlantic Aromatics is an independent Irish company that was established in 1984. It is officially the oldest Irish aromatherapy company. The company is committed to developing products of a superior quality and making them available to the public at reasonable prices. Atlantics Aromatics holds four principles close to its heart and implements these every day. These principles are:
•Purity: If a product bears the Atlantics Aromatics name and emblem it is guaranteed to be of the highest purity. All oils are sourced directly from farmers and distilleries or from reputable traders, in order to ensure that optimal levels of purity are retained.
•Naturalness: The company has a policy whereby the oils are derived from plants that have been grown organically and close to nature. Where possible these plants are also grown in their native regions. Atlantics Aromatics specialises in plants that have been sustainably harvested in the wild and those that have been grown using organic farming methods. The company is proud to be certified by the Organic Trust Ltd of Dublin, Ireland.
•Aroma: Only oils with rich, pure aromas are used in Atlantics Aromatics products. These oils have been carefully distilled and their fragrant scents truly represent the plants from which they have been derived.
•Value: Atlantics Aromatics products are manufactured in secure but simple packaging. This ensures that costs are minimised, which in turn minimises the cost to the customer.
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