Aloe Dent

The Aloe Dent range of natural oral care products includes toothpaste, dental floss, breath spray, mouthwash and even lip balm. The unique formulas contain aloe vera, which is known for its many health benefits. These dental products are completely safe, completely natural and of the highest quality. Each ensures that your oral hygiene is completely taken care of. Their selection of natural products even includes a range of fluoride free toothpastes. Swallowing fluoride may be quite harmful, especially to children. Using fluoride free toothpastes can allow you to protect your oral health effectively and safely. As well as Aloe Vera, Aloe Dent use other ingredients such as Tea Tree Oil, Slicia and CoQ10 in their products. Tea Tree Oil has natural anti-bacterial properties. Silica helps to protect teeth from cavities and maintain healthy gums. CoQ10 is also excellent in helping to maintain healthy gums. Aloe Dent produce one of the widest range of natural products available in the oral and dental care markets.
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