Head Lice

What Are Head Lice?

Head lice are small insects which are grey-brown in colour. They start as eggs and are fully grown within 6-10 days. Head lice are most common in children, but can be found on anyone with hair. Head lice is not the sign of being unhygienic, generally head lice are most attracted to clean scalps. Head lice can spread very easily with head-to-head-contact. Head lice are usually first noticed by an itch in the scalp, although this is not always the case. A rash often appears at the back of the neck also. Head lice can be successfully removed using a specialised shampoo or treatment.

Products Available at Evergreen.ie For Head Lice

Evergreen.ie stock a selection of natural shampoos and conditioners to help you remove head lice and their eggs. Evergreen stock only the very best, most natural and effective brands including Jason, Delacet, Picksan and Dr. Hauschka to name but a few. These shampoos and treatments can both remove the head lice and their eggs as well as preventing contamination. Take a closer look at our wide range of products for more information on which one is best suited to your needs.
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